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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 31, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. from tragedy to transformation. a new tkphap ter beginsed if for a san jose school destroyed in an arson fire. good morning i'm kristen sze. good morning i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. terry mcsweeney is at grand opening >> reporter: maybe 1,000 parents, teachers, student, city and school officials all out here at trace elementary today for a ceremony to celebrate the community, big comeback to talk about the new buildings and the school's new horizons.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the choir sang the mascot, the dignataries. >> not only normal now we are stronger than we were. >> reporter: for teachers and parents the dream came true. >> see everyone smiling today they've been smiling since the first day of school. i think will continue to smile for a long time >> reporter: celebration took place in the middle of the new section. a new library, all this construction necessary because of the arson fire july 5th, 2010. a 10 million dollar fire. planned and carried out by two 16-year-olds, both were tried as adults, one sentenced to eight years the other awaiting his fate. more than a building was lost that day. >> it was like losing a family member. a lot of teachers lost all their possessions we are like a school family it was tough on a lot. >> reporter: for students the thoughts are not so much of
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the past or the future, more of the here and now. >> playing in the new playground. >> reporter: what about the classrooms? >> they are nice. >> waiting for my friend and jumping on stuff. >> reporter: it has been a long road back. let's hear it for trace elementary. >> great job, great community. >> reporter: they should be applauded. the principal tells me this ordeal is two year rebuilding process has brought the community closer. she adds she doesn't want to go through that again. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san jose firefighter remains in intensive care after having a major heart attack while fighting a fire this morning fire officials say 42-year-old frank ryan
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remains unconscious in a medically induced coma he was helping battle a fire yesterday when he collapsed. the fact that he was treated and stable ed quickly they say is a good -- stabilized quickly they say is a good sign. >> tragic situation that ended up going down he's a fighter and he's fighting for his life right now we hope he pulls through. >> ryan has worked in san jose's fire department for 15 years. at least one person has been killed after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake this morning off the eastern coast of the philippines. the epicenter was 465 miles from manila and struck around 5:47 our time. the quake knocked out power to nearby towns, a sue tsunami alert was issued for several countries, including japan and
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indonesia but was quickly lifted. many were sent to higher ground. sky 7 hd is over a police chase that just ended in the southbound lanes of highway 17 near the lexington reservoir you see the car pulled over and highway patrol checking it out. they began chasing the car 10:30 the driver led officers on several freeways before coming to a stop on highway 17. there does not appear to have been a traffic impact not clear what the driver was wanted for. stay with abc7 news for more. new information about a central valley slaughterhouse that was closed for mistreating animals. today usda officials say the sick cows shown in this video never got into the food supply and no food safety laws were broken. an investigation will continue into allegations of inhumane
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treatment stemming from the videos. after seeing it meat inspectors closed the business down for a week. maybe -- wasn't to tell you about two closures one in san francisco fremont street is now closed from howard to mission. this affects drivers getting off the bay bridge part of the construction at the new terminal. with workers will be dig out the road and placing a temporary bridge. fremont street expected to reopen tuesday morning. starting 10:00 tonight dumbarton bridge closed for the weekend so crews can do seismic retrofiting work. expected to reopen tuesday at 5 a.m.. officials expect this to be the last time the bridge will be shutdown for earthquake-related work. to help you get around this weekend download our waze app. you can find the app in itunes or android market download it
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and become a traffic spotter. now the race for the white house. republicans staged a post convention rally romney and ryan were joined by their wives before each headed out on the campaign trail. they also showed off their new campaign plane. romney travel to the louisiana to tour damage from what was hurricane isaac the storm cancelled the first day of the republican convention in tampa monday. democrats were wrapping up -- ramping up f[÷ their convention which begins in north carolina tuesday they unveiled the podium at the time warmer cable arena one of the two venues the democrats will use. president obama and vice president biden will give their speeches outdoors appear the bank of america stadium, home of the carolina panthers. mark matthews will be live next week from the convention in charlotte get instant
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updates all week from mark by following him on facebook or twitter. big smiles in alameda county this morning dozens are flashing their pearly whites thanks to to volunteers providing free dental care. amy hollyfield is live at the clinic in san lorenzo. >> reporter: good morning. people starred lining up at 3:00 this morning to -- started lining up at 3:00 this morning. one man came all the way from los angeles. volunteers didn't know what to expect when they decided to offer free dental care today. they sure didn't think they would see this. >> astounding. i did not think this many would show up. >> reporter: this is the first time they've held a free clinic. the doctor heard about the non-profit group dentistry from the heart and decided she wanted to participate. but she had little time for organizing she enlisted the
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help of her 16-year-old daughter. >> guess this shows how much people need help especially with the economy and everything. >> reporter: they are helping people like eric who hasn't soon a dentist since he lost his job. maybe about a year and a half, two, same time i lost the job i lost everything, insurance no coverage. >> reporter: mario has a job but he still hasn't been able to afford dental care. >> i didn't have dental my company didn't offer it, it is expensive. got to find another way to get dental. >> reporter: they are offering a choice between cleaning, filling or extraction. the doctor isn't sure how much this is costing her practice. >> probably a few thousand dollars. i don't want to put a number to. but it is worth it. >> reporter: the mother-daughter team says the toughest part of the day has been turning people away. >> it is so hard. i really hate doing it. but, at some point you have to say, i'm sorry we can't do.
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>> reporter: they've promised 75 people they will be seen today. they can't take any more. they were originally planning on treating 70. it is going to be a long day. >> so far they've only seen 11 people. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. next, the search is on for california's newest multi-millionaire. the one clue they have to go on. no mystery winner here the winner of the third largest jackpot in power ball history comes forward. banding together, fans of gma anchor robin roberts are joining the morning host to help save thousands of lives. or
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> sad word today from ribbon roberts. nays nays -- abc news announced her mother died last night she left a day earlier than originally planned for leave to be with her ailing mother she got back to mississippi, just in time to be with her mother as she pass weighed. >> roberts herself will will have a bone marrow transplant next week. katie marzullo has more on the amazing response. >> reporter: with incredible grace robin roberts bid farewell to her colleagues and fans and her good-bye was all
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about inspiration. >> when i come back, oh my goodness, i cannot wait, it is what i literally live for that and my family. >> reporter: her family. robin's sister is her bone marrow donor. >> are you scared? >> no, i'm not scared. i know that i've been asked that many times, but i just don't feel any fear about the procedure. >> reporter: robin's public fight has the potential to help countless others. since she announced her diagnosis three months ago more than 36,000 have joined the be the match bone marrow registry exceeding monthly average by more than 50%. her friends have designed a wrist band as a symbol for all who are not just surviving but thriving. >> you can get this on be the match. there is such a request for these wrightbans when i see people wearing them as -- wristbands when i see people
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wearing them, it is what you carry in your heart that inspires me. >> reporter: if you would like to buy the wrist band go to for a link to the bone marrow transplant website. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> if you want to leave a condolence or message of hope for robin, go to our facebook page. there's a new millionaire in the bay area and the california lottery wants to find him. they are looking for this individual. he may the latest multi-millionaire. lottery officials say he purchased the winning ticket in fremont. so far, he has not claimed the 52 million dollar jackpot prize from the july 27th, drawing. michigan lottery officials know the lucky man who won power ball's third largest ever jackpot, 44-year-old donald lawson claimed the prize this morning he matched
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all six numbers for the suggest 15th drawing. lawson has since quit his job at the railroad. he's already told all of his family members to retire early. >> nice these taking care of his family. >> it is, i'll see you soon uncle. >> yeah, right. we may not all get to retire early maybe a long weekend. mike is watching the forecast. >> the three of us have the same uncle. notice how quickly it changed, check out the clouds flight arrival delays still 71 minutes into sfo, repeat tomorrow, things are going to change warmer weather in the forecast for the holiday. plus, how a police cruiser ended up like this in >> darth vader is no match for the jedi dog. youtube video going viral. this summer you made the sleep train dream campaign a huge success as a thank to all
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of our facebook fans, $30,000 donate
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a man who stole a police cruiser in los angeles this morning is in critical condition after losing his leg in a horrific crash it is amazing the suspect survived at all. the stolen squad car was foolished after slamming into starbucks and light pole. the car was stolen 4:00 this morning. police say the driver took off and traveled at speeds up to 100 miles per hour before that crash. the san francisco fire department welcomes new class of emergency medical tech this morning. the ceremony was held at the training center the fire chief led the new emt's and presented them their badges. >> we are not seeing the sun, where is the ? >> we know it has to be out there some place. mike as found it. >> it is always out there just sometimes clouds are blocking our view.
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>> thank you, we didn't know that. >> is that how that works. all that schooling and we never learned that. friday, holiday weekend, hopefully you will have three days to get over that before i -- good morning having fun hopefully you are looking forward to the weekend, big changes we see the first, still cloudy in san jose, unusual. walnut creek where we are seeing sunshine start to develop. it is die now around the bay and inland maybe drizzle still at the coast you can see how stubborn the clouds are, drier air over the ocean going to work into tomorrow's forecast. temperatures compared to yesterday at this time, 21° cooler in fairfield, just about everybody double digits cooler except napa, san rafael, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay which are still anywhere from four to seven degrees cooler, 50s and 60s right now same around the monterey bay in your inland
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neighborhoods, stubborn clouds and cool breezes temperatures well below average today, cloudy tonight, mist bay, drizzle coast even by hills will see some tomorrow morning summer warmth back sunday and monday for the back half of the forecast. today three degrees cooler in san francisco, double digits inland where we see the biggest drop this afternoon we struggle to make it into the mid 70s possibly 80 in antioch and brentwood. 60s east bay shore. low to mid 70s south bay with sun. peninsula covered in clouds and mid to upper 60s brisk at the coast with mid to upper 50s, lucky if we get to 59 downtown near 60 south san francisco and sausalito mid 50s at your beaches low to mid 60s monterey bay don't forget about the dangerous rip currents today and tomorrow there mid to upper 70s inland. big game coliseum fireworks
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game, petaluma little league going to be there dropping to 55 as we take on the red sox. green along the even here along the east bay shore into the hills where i expect the drizzle tonight low to mid 50s. a couple of art and wine festivals millbrae 42nd annual tomorrow opens 10, 60, we'll see sun and breezy mid to upper 60s. sausalito maybe cloudy for the better part of the morning then sunshine in the afternoon your temperatures will hold in the upper 50s to low 60s hotel mid 70s around tahoe and low 90s for yosemite. -- more sun tomorrow, one to three degrees warmer then sunshine everywhere sunday and monday mid 60s coast near 90 inland. >> you were talking that game tonight >> the a's will honor the
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petaluma little league team that made it third in the world series they will receive an a's autographed baseball. they are going to be getting a key to the city of petaluma. the city will be throwing a hometown parade in their honor sunday. a 17-year-old girl is about to make history this state of florida. erin is the first girl to play quarterback on a boys' varsity football team her coach knew she had skills to play tackle with the boys and with that great arm erin says football is not her best sport. she hopes to play basketball in college. >> i know her form is good she's got that throwing motion down. >> she's got that spiral, yes, ma'am. >> we have the perfect pet coming up. >> mike is going to introduce us to sq
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leave it to the dog to save the day this video is going viral on youtube today as jedi dog becomes a star. the pooch goes after vader's light then fights with the dark lord the force is strong with the furry one. >> force is also strong with another one, a perfect pet today. >> mike who do you have there? >> cindy shelby and you have squeak who is so playful. >> he's wonderful, he is a sweetheart. an 8-year-old male pomeranian
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very friendly, so finance any, great personality and he love -- so funny, great personality and he loves people. >> one of those dogs who hasn't met a stranger. >> yeah. he's well behaved. he will sit on command, lay down on command, good boy. >> tell us about the adoption for september. >> month of september is our senior animal month. all of our cats, dogs, even rabbits, anybody that is seven plus-years-old, the adoption fees have been waived. call and give squeak and his elderly friends a home. >> thanks mike. >>
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